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Dimitris Drimas, Athens, Greece
(+30) 6973287080

Dimitrios Drimas

Hey guys, I am Dimitris but my friends call me the drim. So in a heart beat I covered the name of my company! It is not an incorrect written dream, it comes from my surname!

That is how drimworks productions came to life almost 11 years ago. But my journey in in the world of video started back at 1992 taking my first job in Greek television at the first ever studio game show that involved computers presenting graphics live on tape. From then on I have worked and mastered every aspect of filming, production and post production arriving many years later directing my own studio show for 3 years making almost 400 episodes.

So relax you are in very good hands, hands that have worked in thousands of tv commercials, numerous tv shows, have made over 10 main title sequences for dramatic series and even one for cinema.