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Dimitris Drimas, Athens, Greece
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But we simply don't have an office. drimworks started after the crisis of 2009 in Athens and with the effort to keep costs low we decided to leave the idea of an office behind. Our success is based on the creation of a society of young professionals who grew up with us and maintain a relationship of permanent cooperation. There is no person here who works tirelessly for eight hours for a basic salary, burdened with too many jobs and deadlines that are not possible. We are sorry that we cannot treat you to a coffee in an overpriced meeting room, but with the money you will save working with us, you can easily treat your entire office to coffee for months!

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May We Present Our Team

drimworks is a community of professionals

The drim

Producer / Director
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Nadia Soufli


Babis Petridis

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Daphne Farazi


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